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The hardest thing about fashion blogging

For me, the most difficult part of blogging is coming up with something to write about.

Of course, sometimes ideas just fall into your lap. But the pressure of oh no, I have a deadline and no post can be the worst. Because you’re just sitting there. Blank. Watching that cursor blink over and over. AH.

Anyway, that was my problem today. I was having a creativity crisis and stressing about what to write about. Aaaand here we are.

When the lightbulb just refuses to come on, what do you do? Here are some personal tips for what I do to turn the power back on and write a post for Fashionista of the South.

Go to your favorite website.

This is something that never seems to fail me. Not that you let someone else write your post for you, but let an article or two inspire you. Refinery29 just put a piece up about Kim Kardashian’s new hair color? Let your brain run wild. Write down everything that you can think of, kind of like word association. There’s bound to be something in there that you can pick up!

Walk into your closet.

Pick out your favorite pieces, or look at your wardrobe and think of some pieces you would love to have. Think about your friend’s closets. If you can focus on particular piece or outfit, that can spark a post! Even go on Polyvore and look at their online wardrobe. I’ve made posts based on a set I’ve designed from there.

Take a nap.

Wake up refreshed and get the frustration out of your system. You can’t force it, so don’t try. You’ll just end up angry and throwing your iPhone across the room. Lay down and relax. It’s not giving up. It’s part of your process.

Watch a movie.

Check out the behavior of the protagonist. As well as her shoe choice and hairstyle. Does anything stand out to you? Something you would have done or worn differently?

Literally anything can lead to you sitting down with your relaxing drink of choice and going 90 to nothing on your keyboard. But don’t settle for something you don’t really have an opinion about or passion for. That will read in your post and won’t be a fun time for your readers. Anybody have some other tips for getting inspired?


Why I need to blog write

The other day I was talking to one of my friends about technology and social media. She was telling me about how her dad was saying how our generation’s creativity has been stunted by our laptops and smart phones.

Wait a minute…

What I am doing right now, typing away on my MacBook Pro, is one of my favorite creative outlets. Writing gives me endless ways to get out whatever is going on in my weird brain. Blogging gives me a way to let people in on it. Maybe only 4 people will read this post, but those people will know me a little more than the ones who don’t.

When I sit down to blog, my mind goes into overdrive. I search for post ideas, I research, I read other bloggers’ posts to find out how I can improve my technique, and most importantly, I write and I learn.

My mom and I were discussing what I wanted to be when I “grow up” and I mentioned blogging and writing. (Disclaimer: my mother has been a music teacher/band director for 20 years and an administrator for 8, and is very much a Type A person.) She looked at me and asked how that was going to make me money. Now, I love my mom, and she’s one of the smartest people I know, but the dreamer in me isn’t concerned about that. I’ll make it. I’ll figure it out. But I won’t take a job just to have a job. I will search and search until I find the job. It may not pay much and it may not contain an important title, but it will be doing something I love to do.

Until then, I plan on writing until my fingers fall off and making plans bigger than the life I currently live.

If I said I wasn’t nervous or scared, I’d be lying big time. But I’m ready to be scared. I’m ready to be out of my comfort zone. I’ve been hanging out there for far too long.

Writing gives me hope and faith that my God is going to take me where I’m supposed to be and where my heart longs to be.

"Fashion should be a form of escapism, not a form of imprisonment."
- Alexander McQueen  *Dressed (via glamour)